I am Lisa ‘mimi’ Nettelton. And I am MOLOMIMI. I am both an artist and a designer: two very different expressions of one person.

I was born and schooled in the Eastern Cape, and I returned here to live when my higher learning was complete. This part of my evolution included a degree in art at Stellenbosch University. At university I realised that formal art training develops the critical mind, while harnessing creative expression, but it also simultaneously stifles inspiration. As I fought against the suppression of my vision, I became aware that my ability flowed from something greater than myself. On the outside, my technical skills had been honed by learning, but within me my inspiration had finally been unleashed.

There followed a period in which I became passionate about recycling used materials to express my ideas. I also began to be fascinated by the ambiguity of words. 

So I blended these interests to create my designs. And in order to develop and brand them I created a company: MOLO MIMI.
Along the way, I also developed several unique ‘upcycling’ techniques which added another layer to my work.
My brand expanded and was successful.

Then, seemingly quite by accident, I discovered that I had another, very different expression living inside me.
The concept of my “TALKING HEADS” took root in my psyche and the new version of me, the artist me, emerged.
Thus, I am now two in one: MoloMimi: designer  and  Lisa ‘Mimi’ Nettelton: artist.
I am grateful to have been invited to show my designs all over the world.

My wearable design art has won the approval of lovers of ‘different’ from all walks of life; some rich and famous like Karin Zoid and Ruby Wax and others not so rich or famous, but still appreciative and appreciated, both here and abroad. My bags are sold in Germany, my furniture in Sweden and my ‘threads’ in America.

My Talking Heads have found homes in South Africa, Europe and America, where they spread their magic with the same joy that went into their creation.

I have passion for every aspect of my artistic expression and hope always to continue discovering, developing and growing.