This Talking Head is built on the horns of a Blesbok. The name Blesbok literally translates from the Afrikaans as BlazeBuck (the blaze being the white marking on the antelope’s nose).
So, I named him Blaze, not only for the blaze of the blesbok and the beautiful ambiguity of the word, but also because this talking head speaks of generosity of spirit; of the conjuring and manifesting  of dreams. He is a wizard and a Hierophant and he engenders magic wherever he goes; so I named him Blaze also for his namesake: the  mentor of the famous wizard Merlin.
John Matthews, a researcher of the Merlin mythology writes : “Behind the figure of Merlin, shadowy and insubstantial as a ghost stands that of his ‘master’ Blaise, portrayed as … older and deeper sunk in the wells of time. Few have succeeded in making contact with him.”
Blaze, the master magician, enchants the space he occupies.

50cm (w)
50cm (d)
93cm (h)