This Talking head is constructed on the horns of a Springbok. There is no English equivalent name for this buck as he is unique to Southern Africa and his name is Afrikaans. He is the national animal of South Africa and is best known worldwide for his link to the Springbok rugby team. 
This particular Springbok individual captures the nature of the joyful leaping or pronking ( (derived from the Afrikaans pronk, “to show off”) which is characteristic of his species. He combines this shy, almost naive, devilment with a sense of showmanship reminiscent of the conductor of an orchestra: which is why I named him MAESTRO. He seems to embody that moment of pause when the conductor lifts his baton and eyes the orchestra, a slight smile lifting his lips and the silent question “Ready?” in his eyes. That moment just before the music, which only a Maestro could inspire, sounds and resonates through your soul.

35cm (w)
41cm (d)
70cm (h)